Why Project Portal?

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Proven Track Record

Project Portal has logged 58 646 logins by 3822 unique users since 2004. This makes Project Portal one of the most established web based Project Management, Project Tracking and Methodology Authoring solutions in South Africa.


The Project Portal has been developed by and for professional project managers using the latest best practises in project management. Custom functionality can be provided.

Simple and Robust

Project Portal is a simple, structured and robust system that will provide project visibility within your organisation. This use of Project Portal will save you time and money by ensuring that your project information is centralized and readily available for access by all project stakeholders.

Organisations typically have several projects under way at any one time, making it a time consuming exercise for management to gather information on the status of these projects.

Project Portal enables the registration and approval of projects on-line in categories that can be defined by the business. All information relating to the project can then be captured or uploaded against the project enabling anyone, who has been assigned access to the project, to view this information.

Value Proposition

  • Project visibility and centralization of information
  • Provides a consistent approach to projects
  • Increase project success – save costs
  • Project team, business and customer collaboration
  • Incorporate best practices and learning
  • Improve project management skills

Project Portal enables the project manager to provide high level information on the progress of the project in terms of the typical project management measures, time, budget and scope. Administration processes are simplified allowing more time for management of resources.

This project information will assist management in ensuring that projects under way within the organisation are strategically aligned to the business and that the important projects are receiving the priority required. It also allows management to check that the project is being managed effectively.

An additional feature of Project Portal is to lock out users from viewing or accessing confidential projects under way within the organisation.