Project Methodologies

Consistent approach to projects in an organisation leads to improved project success rate

There are many benefits for an organisation that opts to follow a standardised process or method when investigating, initiating and managing projects. Some of these benefits are:

  • It provides a consistent approach to projects in an organisation
  • It allows for the incorporation of best practices and learnings
  • The project success rate is increased, ultimately saving costs
  • It raises the skill of project managers in the organisation
  • A common knowledge base is created reducing project risks
  • The dependency on consultants is reduced

Project Portal has been designed around a simple, yet structured, methodology. The methodology consists of a project management knowledge base, templates, tools and specific activities to guide the project manager through all phases of the project. The methodology module of allows for an organisation to design a custom methodology to suit the way in which they would like to manage projects. Your companies specific templates and deliverables can be uploaded.