Document Repository

Centralisation of documentation avoids duplication and loss of important project information contains a documentation repository per phase per project. The phases are pre-populated with the templates uploaded into the methodology and the project manager decides on the use of the templates. Any other deliverables or documents can be uploaded into the project documentation repository.

All team members are able to upload specific documentation relating to the project i.e. project plans, specification documentation, training documentation, agreements with suppliers etc. This facility enables the easy sharing of documentation by team members and also assists in ensuring that the latest version is always centrally available to the team members. It avoids the unnecessary emailing of large documents to several team members and the risk that documentation could be mislaid.

Up-to-date, relevant documentation is a critical requirement for a successful project. Unless properly controlled, documentation relating to projects can be “scattered” across the organisation on different computers or servers, never to be found once a project is completed and closed.

The PID (Project Initiation Document), Progress Report and Closure Report are online forms that can be completed by the project manager and emailed to team members for perusal. The PID and Closure reports require approval in order for the project to progress to the in-progress and closed statuses respectively.

Project statuses

Project statuses