Additional Features

Project Portal is constantly being upgraded to keep track of international best practises

Customised Look & Feel

Upload your company logo onto Project Portal, giving the portal your organisations look and feel. Categorise projects, risks, issues and change requests for your organisations specific requirements.

Project Initiation Document Approval

An approval process via e-mail, ensures that projects are approved formally before moving to an in-progress status.

User Dashboard View

Each user when logging onto the portal will be presented with their own dashboard view of projects they are assigned to and the status of the project in terms of time, budget and scope.


Default milestones are generated for each phase of the project, but the project manager is able to add additional milestones per phase. Email reminders are sent to the project manager when milestones become due. Milestones can be reported on in the progress report.


A handy minutes module is available for project managers to capture actions agreed at project team meetings. These can then be emailed to team members as tasks.